Test Pilots

The voice of our customers and field experts help us make adjustments that work.  Here you can meet them and hear what they have to say.

Brandi Bartscher~ Do my red nails make this brown hen look prettier?

“I grew up sorting worms for my grandparents, “Shirl’s Bait” in Butte Montana.  As a little girl I was constantly with my daddy fishing in lakes, creeks or through the ice. I’ve wrapped enough orange thread as a builder at MTRods in the past two years to stretch the length of the Jefferson River.  I love fly fishing because it brings me to a place where I just don’t have to think.  I’m hooked on throwing streamers.  The new grip on these rods fits the hand such that my nails don’t cut into my palm when landing trout.  The burled cork looks great too.”




“For me the best part of fishing is that fish live in the most beautiful places.  I love everything about it.  The best job I ever had was as a fly fishing guide where I could share the rituals.  I build fly rods for the same reasons. To help catch “one good fish.”  My favorite part of MTrod’s is at 200 yards you can identify the wraps.  If you’re like me and have one of every brand it’s kinda cool.  I’m really into these shorter rods now. They make fishing… “Great Again!”   Rudy Ketchum