Summit – You dream it we build it

There are so many amazing fly-fishing rods.  My “high school sweetheart” of fly-rods is a 9 foot 5 weight IM6 Winston in 3 pieces.  I rarely left the small streams back then until my dear friend Todd gave me an Orvis Access 8 weight for a beginners gift trip to Mexico.  After breaking it on Salmon in Alaska, An H2 was added to the fleet and of course how could you not have at least one Scott rod, flawless craftsmanship.  Don’t forget the 3 weight Sage grandpa bought at the TU banquet in 1988.  Then I tried one of those noodles of glass, super cool….  and we all appreciate any bamboo rod even if it’s scored at a garage sale.  The list goes on.

When people ask what’s the best rod, I want the Pinnacle… It’s the unanswerable question, unless you know exactly what you like in a rod and have a particular style of fishing.  Then we can build the Summit of rods.  So many choices so little time.  More on our Custom Rod Factory later.  If you can dream it.  We can build it!

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