“Palometa meet Montana Rods!”

Our rods are put to the test and performing like champs not only in home waters across the Big Sky state but around the world.  Our six weight “master guide rod” dubbed “Dawn Patrol” was originally designed to toss streamers at trout.  Who would have thought that it classily casts shrimp and crabs patterns over ranges exceeding 80 feet at sea level and landed a couple dozen bone fish with grace.  Its big brother an 8 weight MR custom did a number on a few other glass bending beasts of the salt water flats such as this Snook by fly-tier extraordinaire Grayson Lukasic & Blue Runner by Outfitting Montana’s Mark Thompson.

















Below the signature series nymphing rod, a 10 foot 4 weight, effortlessly swings into the mighty Missouri and tames some 20″ rainbow trout.  Compliments of Steve Connole whom is an advisor on our 7 to 9 weight Switch rods and owner/designer Rudy Ketchum.