NEW! Palo Corto Caliente – El Diablo MR5

The new Diablo MR5 is devilishly fun to cast and land fish. We call it that because it’s a “short-hot-stick.” The blank is of natural matte finish and the guides/reel seat are black.  Topped with a cactus cork grip and yellow wraps it measures 7 feet 6 inches in 4 sections.  This rod stores in a mobile 2 foot tube, and flannel sock.  Our goal was to complete an extremely affordable rod that has the same durability and quality characteristics of all MR equipment.  MSRP $325.

The first prototype was built two years ago when test pilot Mark requested a rod that he could use to teach his daughters to fish.  “Make it short and light, but I want something that will perform on big water, not just a kids rod, It needs to cast and turn fish.”  That rod finished out so nice I don’t think he ever gave it to his daughters but he did try his damnedest to break it on some huge brown trout with the boys.  When the season was over, he recommended this to be the rod of our focus.

Most of today’s fly rods are stiff and fast like a Ferrari.   A lot of that classic feel where the line bends the entirety of the rod and hooking up on a brook trout feels like a shark is lost on them.  So we selected a blank of stout fiber engineered with a taper that finishes off with more of a “medium” action.  It’s not painted so you can see the graphite under the matte finish.  The blank weighs in at 1-1/4 oz.  The black single foot guides are wrapped in nylon and finished under a bright yellow sleeve to distinguish it from its big brothers.

We recognize that the future of fly-fishing rests in the hands of our youngest generations and we want to help promote that.  The art of the fly isn’t just what our great-grand-dad used to do.  In fact the largest growing population of fly casters are our mothers and daughters.  The Diablo MR5 fills this niche in affordable fashion.