The no-nonsense guarantee… While guiding the Bitterroot, I took some advise on warrantee.  “If you guarantee a piece of shit, all you have is a guaranteed piece of shit.”  This is precisely why we use proven components that our official test pilots abuse and we redesign in pursuit of hardware and assembly processes that out perform.  One of our core values is “Each rod that leaves the assembly line is better than  the last.”

So here’s the promise:  If one of our rod sections fail due to a flaw in craftsmanship we will replace it free of charge.  If one of our rod sections fail because of accidental blank breakage we will replace it for $50.00 handling fee no questions asked.

We’ve seen failures from all manufacturers where reel seats come apart, guides break or loosen, cork separates, epoxy deteriorates. threads fail and blanks explode.  The majority of rod failures are from one of three reasons.  1.  Sections are not secure and ferrule breaks out the female end during casting.  2.  Tip damage due to impact from bead head or striking a hard surface, later breaks during normal casting as the fibers weaken.  3.  Ordinary neglect such as bent beyond point of disintegration or accidental impact fracture.

Avoiding breakage:  If you are not fishing store the rod in its case. This means during transport, in the boat, in the rig.  Fly rods are really easy to break.  I’ve broke them in ceiling fans, stepped on them, run them over with the truck, cut them in half by clipping boat rack, slammed them in doors, I’ve melted them (leave one in a black tube on your dashboard at 115F, the epoxy will melt).  I’ve bent them in half like the old ugly stick commercials, they break every time.  I have never broke a fly rod while hooked up on a trout unless the rod came into contact with trees, ground, or boat.  When it does happen we will strive to get you back in action ASAP!

We constantly refine our processes and materials to build durable equipment and we think it should look sexy too.  Have an older model that just needs a make-over?  No problem.   Call us to find out about upgrading your rod.