Factory or Custom rod?

One of our core values is…  “Every rod that leaves the shop is better than the last.”  We build small batches of OEM rods that local fly shops stock based on what works best for their local waters.  Custom rods take a little longer to get out the door as components requested often require lengthy fabrication.  If you are in the market for a custom fly rod expect to place a card or deposit.  Never pay in full up front!  There are as many shady rod builders as there are customers placing exotic orders and neglect to take delivery.

Custom rods are cool.  It gives you the opportunity to choose the type of blank that you desire.  Slow, med, or fast actions, colors across the rainbow, a plethora of lengths and section choices to suit travel needs and of course materials from bamboo, to fiberglass to the fastest graphite.  There are various shades of hardware from black to chrome to gold in various styles.  Reel seats can be customized for a classic look such as burled wood or salt water friendly materials.  Last but not least cork options and shapes to fit your grip can be turned to perfection.  The sock and tube used to store your master-piece shouldn’t be overlooked, there is plenty of engineering and style in that half of the package.

Montana Rodsmiths endeavors to under-promise and over-deliver.  Most of our rods can be turned around in about two weeks.  We have state of the art machinery, technology and experience to get you on the water.