“I’m not sure if there is another fly-rod on the market with as much thoughtful engineering as the Montana Rods” ~ G.T. (Florida)

Counter Balancing System” – All MR customs are designed as a system integrating reel mass and mounting location coupled with trade secrets to achieve a catapult style counter balance which minimizes arm fatigue.  “During full-day guide trips our clients arms got tired from casting and catching fish particularly when throwing streamers.”  R.K. (Montana)  After dozens of prototypes and testing we’ve achieved success.

Tip Guard Protection” – We’ve added a micro layer of “poly-based material” to the tip section of the rod to help absorb impact when heavy bead-head type flies are being cast over head.  The extra protection is engineered into overall taper design such that it does not adversely affect performance.  “Clients often nick rod tips with line collisions which compromise structural integrity of the graphite resulting in future rod breakage, tip guard works.”  M.T. (Montana)

Harmonic Dampening” – A combination of design features are leveraged to control vibration in our rods such that they rebound quicker and add extra sensitivity when bouncing flies off the river bottom.  We call it vibration control technology.

Rod Stock” – MR has custom and OEM blanks from USA manufacturers as well as global options to outfit rods.  The MR line was assembled for durability and classic casting performance.  We chose blanks with a progressive intermediate modulus carbon fabric that has IM6 type strength and IM12 type lightweight characteristics in just the right places.  Add a medium/fast taper that packs a powerful line shooting punch and finish it off in salmon fly colors for MG distinction.  We stock several modulus and tapered blanks for choices.

Hardware” – All MR components are selected to minimize weight and maximize rod performance.  In our OEM’s we employ single foot super hard chrome guides spaced to rod length and size matched for line weight including a strong high quality stripper guide and an extra-large looped tip top that doesn’t snag float line.  Each meticulously centered, wrapped and lightly finished to promote flex efficiency, reduce friction and maximize line throughput for precise landings.  The line is fitted with lightweight down locking seats with removable fighting butt which hold up to salt water conditions and accommodate large arbor reels.  We turn much of our own material for unique units and employ many other more traditional components.

Cork Handle” – Our cork is hand selected for superior grade then center punched, glued, pressed and turned true into a small custom grip that ergonomically fits the hand and promotes proper casting posture.  The reel seat does not mount under hood allowing us to take advantage of the entire handle dimension.  “What you first notice when you grab an MR rod is the grip style and comfort unlike any other manufacturer.” A.P. (Wyoming)

Detail” – Small production runs and meticulous service partners allow us to hand craft each rod minding all the details of a 100 point pre-package inspection including a 30 foot test cast.  From the Montana made rod box to the absorbent flannel rod sock, add embroidery, etching, hand scribed specs and our logo conveniently located 18 inches from the end cap and you’ll know we haven’t missed much including the lifetime warrantee.  With the lifetime warrantee you receive the exact “common cents” method of rod and AFTMA line specification.  “It’s cool to receive all the technical information and find out it’s correct” R.M. (Butte America)

“Hex Rod Tube & Sock” – It’s not easy to visually differentiate yourself in an industry that’s been around for centuries.  Particularly when it requires function however we made it happen in our accessories as well.  Our Rod tubes are fabricated with local recycled “Blue Pine or Fir.”  It’s a product of Montana’s terra firma that still smells freshly cut and brings back memories of the last angling adventure.  Blue pine is recycled standing “beetle killed” lumber.  The hexagon tube resists heat better than metal, its stronger than fiberglass models (try standing on the others first), they float, and weigh the same as many counterparts.  The end-caps secured with an elastic band, can be opened from either end and if damaged a dab of finish makes a quick repair.  Inside you’ll find a water absorbent flannel sock home stitched with a rigid insert that effortlessly slides back into the tube when the rod’s not present.  What’s best is that we utilize local labor and material.

Customs” – If you are interested in a custom rod or a fleet of OEM rods with your logo look no further than Montana Rodsmiths.  If you want something that really screams loud ask about our wild graphics options for the un-traditionalist.  Coupled with endless options in color, finish and hardware you can truly create and enjoy something special.  “Dipping graphite? The dudes from MR are the only ones with the kahonies to try that… But I gotta have it!”  W.S. (Alaska)

MG Rods