Preserve Fly-Fishing Traditions

Why Montana Rodsmiths fly-rods?  My thoughts race to the pitches of clever engineering, moderate pricing, local jobs, unique style, lifetime warranty, the sales jargon goes on…  Yes, MTRods has a great “We Story.”  We love making rods, we love fishing, we love the friendships, it’s not work it’s the lifestyle that fuels our passion.  Like many who’s life revolves around #settingthehook, we felt our story was still somewhat shallow.

After months of #findingourpause, we realized a more meaningful purpose was an order.  We wanted an “Us Story” one that would add depth to our mission and to that of our clients.  What should we be passionate about?  What’s the bigger picture?  The answer was as clear as the Blackfoot River and we’ve known it for generations.  WATER ~ is the most important resource on the planet and we must all be Stewards of our precious commodity as its what keeps “Us” living.

Join us in the quest to keep our waters clean, cool and abundant.  When you own a fly rod by Montana Rodsmiths you not only have a state of the art ladies and gentlemen’s tool of the trade, you have committed to supporting grassroots organizations who keep and protect our waters for future generations. Since inception in 2015 we donate much our earnings to organizations such as Trout Unlimited.  This is our mission.

Thank You for Being a Steward!

“At Montana Rodsmiths we build rugged no-nonsense fly fishing rods designed and used by the most avid fishermen in the universe.  We leverage state of the art materials and maintain a strong appreciation for the traditions of the craft.”